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Retail Property - From Covid-19 Risk to Stagflation Risk

20 May 2022

The multi-year retail property market correction appears likely to continue during FNB's economic forecast period. During the 2020 hard lockdown period, we saw the average retail property capital value per square metre decline by -7.41%, using MSCI data, before resuming low positive growth of +1.54%...

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12 Easy and Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Home Cosier for Winter

19 May 2022

Temperatures may not often drop below zero in South Africa, but it can still get very cold and most homes are built for enjoying long summer days, not for keeping the winter chill at bay. "South Africans like to believe that it's all sunshine and braais and that, other than occasional rain, ...

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5 ways first-time buyers can enter the property market

18 May 2022

Buying your first home is possibly the largest purchase you will make, so it's important to be well-prepared for this important milestone. "After two years of comparatively low-interest rates, we are still seeing considerable interest from first-time buyers who account for 60% of all BetterBond...

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5 ways to enter the residential property market

17 May 2022

According to Carl Coetzee, CEO of BetterBond, the residential property market is still seeing considerable interest from first-time buyers following two years of comparatively low interest rates. "What is encouraging is that there has been an almost 8% increase in the number of formal grants...

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