Why property show days are still relevant

03 September 2018

It's spring, which is traditionally one of the best home sales periods of the year and a great time for sellers to list and start showing their properties off to potential buyers.

However, given the excellent quality of photos and videos of homes for sale that can be displayed online these days, there are many agents who believe that traditional show days are totally obsolete now and will only arrange individual viewings for interested buyers who respond to their internet marketing.

And this idea may appeal to sellers who don't like the idea of their home essentially being open to strangers and the security risks that this might pose.

But, it's important to remember that not all potential buyers have access to the internet - and that not all make use of property portals and websites, even if they do have access - so a show day may be the only way they will notice a particular home for sale.

In SA especially, there are many who like to check out an area in person first to see if they like it and will then visit whatever homes may be on show over a few weekends to get a better feel for what it would really be like to live there.

Keeping a home in show condition

From a seller's point of view, it is also usually easier to have just a few show days instead of having to keep the property home in 'show condition' all the time to accommodate numerous individual viewings.

The one other big advantage of show days is that they generate "live feedback"as potential buyers talk with your agent, which is very valuable in that it will either validate your asking price or help you make a quick adjustment in line with what buyers in your area are actually prepared to pay.

It can also confirm your agent's advice about the way the house looks to potential buyers or what it needs to increase its curb appeal.

Of course it can happen that the only people who turn up on a particular show day are inquisitive neighbours or a few hopelessly underqualified buyers who have no intention of making an offer.

But this is much less likely if you have appointed a qualified and experienced agent from a reputable company. They will not let your efforts to prepare your home for the show day go to waste but will instead match them with their own efforts to promote and advertise the show day properly across a number of platforms, and generate maximum possible interest among suitable buyers.

They will also know how to ensure that the security of your property and belongings is maintained.

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