Technology complements rather than replaces show houses as a sales tool

11 April 2019

With the emergence of sophisticated electronic technology, almost all estate agents are now using advanced marketing tools such as overhead drone shots, digital cameras with 360 degree images and virtual reality video photography, allowing a potential buyer a tour of a home without actually being there.

In response to questions on whether this technology could make show house days redundant, Rowan Alexander, director of Alexander Swart Property, says definitely not. Show houses have always been, and will continue to be the most effective means of selling a home.

"The simple truth is that 50% of all Alexander Swart offers either originate from a lead picked up at a show house or are actually signed at a show house. It is true that the vast majority of buyers today will have researched the opportunities open to them on the internet before contacting us. In most cases it is still the visit to the show house that is the real catalyst of the sale. Technology and show house days complement one another extremely well."

A feel of the neighbourhood

Alexander reports that when a home is put on show, the visitor gets a good idea of the home itself but also, almost as important, of the neighbourhood. Quite frequently residents in the neighbourhood will persuade their friends who are house-hunting to view a show house and often accompany them. Once there, they are likely to be influenced by the positive reactions and enthusiasm of other potential buyers; even though these may be deliberately subdued.

"We all want our friends living close by, if possible," says Alexander.

Technology complements rather than replaces show houses as a sales tool

The message, therefore, that all Alexander Swart agents are taught to convey to clients is: Even though this may be highly inconvenient for both the seller and the agent, nothing can or ever will replace the value of holding a show house day. The direct hands-on experience of actually being in a home with other potential buyers is powerful. According to Alexander, those agents who claim that they can do without show house days are doing their sellers a disservice. Furthermore, those sellers who refuse to allow show days are, in his experience, often not really serious about selling.

Article published courtesy of BIZCommunity

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