5 ways to achieve your 2020 property dreams

10 January 2020

What are your 2020 property dreams? If you're planning to renovate, expand, reorganise, settle in, or make a sale this year, Private Property has got your dreams covered.

Your 2020 property dreams

2020 welcomes us not only to a whole new year, but a whole new decade too. It's a very good reason to start dreaming big and acting on those important 2020 property dreams. We've set out 5 ways you can achieve your 2020 property dreams.
1. Renovate your space

If your 2020 property dreams include bashing down walls, refitting the kitchen, or refreshing your home space in any way, we recommend you turn those dreams into a reality by:

Planning your budget: Renovating your home isn't the easiest or cheapest thing to do, so planning to finance a big renovation must take first priority. Whether that's saving for your renovations, accessing finance, or finding new ways to generate a second (or third!) income, the quicker you get started on planning to afford it, the quicker you'll start achieving your 2020 property dreams.
Hire the right experts: It always sounds like a good idea to get stuck in and DIY your renovations, but if you're not an expert, it's better to just fine the right one instead. Use your personal network to obtain recommendations on the right builder, landscaper, architect, or other professionals who are qualified and ready to assist you in achieving your 2020 property dreams. This will save you time and money in the long run.
Plan your renovations: If you're renovating a particular section of your home, start planning to have that part of it inaccessible for a while. While renovations are always worth it in the end, the inbetween part - where all the construction and dust takes place - can feel interminably arduous. If it's your bedroom that's being renovated, plan and move yourself out of the space a week before renovations begin. And, however long you may think a renovation may take, give yourself an extra week or two, to allow for any emergencies. It'll save you all the stress, before you even have it.

2. Grow your space

Adding on extra rooms, expanding your garden, or installing an extra storage shed in your garden is always a good idea, especially as your family's needs change and expand. If you're looking for new ways to act on these 2020 property dreams, we suggest:

Choosing an eco-friendly addition: The more we do now, in our own homes, to protect and preserve our environment, the better our world will be in the future. Choosing an eco-friendly addition to your home as part of your 2020 property dreams is relatively simple. Instead of using conventional bricks to build a new storage shed, ask your builder about their experience of working with ecobricks, or about their ideas on how to add on to your home in environmentally friendly ways.
Choosing a pet-friendly addition: Adding a catio to your home can help keep your pets safe, and enable your feline friends to enjoy the sunshine when you're not home. Catios are an inexpensive addition to your home, and can also be used to upgrade your garden in attractive, pet-friendly ways.
Choosing a natural light addition: Choosing additional features for your home that encourage natural light into your home can help to keep your electricity bill down. Natural light is far more flattering for selfies too, just for the record!

3. Reorganise your home

If 2019 was the year of Marie Kondo, then we hope 2020 continues to spark joy. If you're reorganising your home as part of your 2020 property dreams, don't forget to:

Declutter with kindness: Donating the things you don't need makes a real difference in the world. Your donations can make a dream come true for a charitable organisation, and your hand-me-downs from the wardrobe can help someone else in your community.
Declutter with purpose: Reorganising your home may mean you end up realising you have additional furniture, kitchen utensils, or appliances, that you really don't need. You're free to donate those, or sell them using second-hand online groups and forums. You could make a little extra pocket money by selling your second-hand goods.

4. Settling in at home

If your 2020 property dreams are more focused on settling in to your home, and enjoying the space you have, as it is right now, then well done! You may have started the new year with a big move into your new home, or are simply satisfied with the way things are right now. If settling in is your 2020 property dream, then we encourage you to enjoy your home. Invite friends over for a lazy lunch, welcome your extended family over for a weekend, or simply relax in your garden with a sundowner. Settling in is an important part of your relationship with your home, and it's time to savour the experience.
5. Selling your home

Are you ready to sell? If your 2020 property dream is to make a sale, then let's get started! If you're thinking about selling your home, it's time to prepare your home for sale, and start thinking about ways you'll market your home. It's important to consider ways you can set your property apart, to ensure it gets snapped up by the right buyer.

Those are our 5 ways you can turn your 2020 property dreams into a reality. What other 2020 property dreams do you have? Share them with us, or visit our Advice Centre for inspiration.

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