Ways to make the most of a tiny kitchen

31 August 2020

A tiny kitchen can feel like a curse, but it can be efficient and charming if you know how to make the most of the available space says Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Christie's International Real Estate. Many think that you can only store utensils and crockery in cabinets and drawers, but there are in fact, several "dead zones" in the kitchen, even the smallest of them, that can actually be useful.

From using the sides of your refrigerator to hanging things up, there are a variety of ways to get your quaint kitchen looking spacious and organised.

1. Hang things up.

If you don't have many kitchen cupboards, try displaying your pots and cutting boards in an eye- catching way by hanging them up on the wall to free up space.

If you want to add some texture to your kitchen, try using a grid panel - it's sturdy and adds some character to the room.

2. Use drawers, not doors.

Switch all your cabinets to drawers to gain maximum usability of the area. Drawers allow easy access to every item, unlike cupboards, which require rummaging and can result in a cluttered cooking space. Rows of drawers also look chic and organised, even if their contents are not.

3. Install a petite breakfast bar.

If you have no room for a kitchen table, consider sacrificing a couple of cabinets to squeeze in a small breakfast bar. This free-standing countertop ledge is a neat way of ensuring seated eating without adding bulk to the slight space.

4. Opt for a crisp and clean colour scheme

You can make a small kitchen look and feel airy by choosing a neutral colour scheme. One's first instinct is that neutral means beige or cream, but this isn't the case. You can pair white, pattern tiles with duck egg kitchen cabinets and still achieve the crisp aesthetic. The aim of a neutral colour scheme is for light to bounce around the room, making it appear more spacious.

Colour suggestions:

* Duck egg

* Mint green

* Soft yellow

* Light grey

5. Swap an extractor hood for a combined extractor induction hob

Using a combined induction extractor hob is a great space saver in a tiny kitchen. If you do not require an extra cupboard of set of shelves, consider leaving the area above the hob empty to give the illusion of a larger kitchen.

6. Turn every corner into a storage space

Spot the areas of the room where there's wasted space i.e. between shelves, below the sink, unused windowsills etc. Stack wherever you can and get rid of kitchenware that you don't often use. You might also want to consider moving items that aren't in everyday use to somewhere else in the home.

Additionally, think about the space on the walls and doors. It's very en-vogue to showcase items by hanging them. Try adding a utensil rail, magnetic knife board, or hooks on the sides of your cupboards or racks that can be hung over a door.

7. Keep it simple

They always say 'less is more' and nothing has ever been more in a small kitchen. Create a sleek, contemporary look that opens up the space by using light colours and minimal designs. By having a de-cluttered kitchen, it creates the illusion of space so consider white or frosted glass cabinet doors, stainless-steel worktops, and white splashback tiling.

Just because you have a small kitchen, doesn't mean that it can't still be the heart of the home. With proper storage tricks, you can maximise every space of the room and turn your tiny kitchen into a chef's delight!

Article published courtesy of BIZCommunity

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