6 tips for first-time real estate agents

09 September 2020

To help those who are new to the real estate industry, Dietmar Muller of RE/MAX Advance, who achieved Premiere Club and Platinum Club status in his first year as a real estate agent, provides a few strategies that he used to become one of the fastest-growing success stories in his region.
6 tips for first-time real estate agents

1. Tap into your relationship capital

"Relationship capital, if used correctly, can grow your brand fast. Especially when living through the current crisis, it is the relationships that carry us through the hardships. We will not be able to get through this alone. We will need the support of each other to come through on the other side. I recommend reaching out to your attorney, financial partners and local businesses to find out how you can work together to promote each other's businesses."

2. Develop a winner's mindset

"There are so many people that are negative during this time. Your negativity is not going to get you to succeed, but it will inspire you to quit. Now is not the time to quit. This is where you develop a winners' mentality. People don't want to do business with someone who is negative. People are looking for leaders and innovators during this time. Let us lead and innovate."

3. Find a mentor who is the best in the industry

"It is important to surround yourself with agents that are leading the industry. You are who you surround yourself with. Be humble and learn from them. Be slow to speak, but quick to act. And, as the golden rule, never forget them when you achieve your goals. Remember to honour them for sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with you."

4. Learn the sales formula

"It does not matter if I am selling a house, a car, or ice in the North Pole: the strategy for selling a product is the same. In short, do I have a good product or service? Can I be trusted, and can the brand that I am representing be trusted? And do I care about my clients? These three factors will determine your success."

5. Be open to learning

"It goes without saying that education is important. One of the first courses I had to complete was the REMAX Accelerate course (which is now available for free on the RE/MAX of Southern Africa YouTube page). While some rush through this course just to receive the certificate of completion, I took notes and watched it over and over until I understood the real estate strategies and culture of success that these videos revealed. This course was the foundation that I used to get my business off the ground. I highly recommend that anyone go through the REMAX accelerate course."

6. Follow up, follow through and create clients for life

"When you know what your client needs, you will know what to supply them. Focus on their needs and create an emotional connection. This is how you create clients for life. It is also important to follow up on existing clients. Sometimes buyers or sellers forget to get back to us. Never assume that their silence means that they are not interested. We are all busy, and even the best of us forget sometimes. By staying in touch with clients, you also show them that you care. When we follow up and follow-through, you have a higher chance of closing the deal and creating a string of repeat and referral business."

Article published courtesy of Private Property

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